Joe Biden Said That?

To all the people who thought George W. Bush was soooo stoopid and unfit for office because his extemporaneous speaking left something to be desired, I give you, a treasure trove of boneheaded yammering from the current vice president. Enjoy!

Your Debate Topic for Today

Resolved: Lindsey Graham is the Frank Burns of the Republican Party. Discuss.

Sticking Up for the Little Guy, As Long As the Little Guy Is a Communist

Why is our government, and apparently our free press, supporting a wannabe communist dictator in Honduras? Or at least, not supporting the people who are trying to stop him. Y’know, it’s almost as if they have an affinity for dictators. But that would be silly, right?

Why Palin Quit

The Opinion Journal’s John Fund digs deeper into the reasons for Sarah Palin’s resignation: Contrary to most reports, her decision had been in the works for months, accelerating recently as it became clear that controversies and endless ethics investigations were threatening to overshadow her legislative agenda. “Attacks inside Alaska and largely invisible to the national media had paralyzed her administration,” More …

Explaining Palin

At the Campaign Spot on NRO: It’s one thing to step into the public spotlight and know that people are going to ridicule your intelligence, your appearance, your judgment, your voice and accent, etc. But it’s another to know that your loved ones will get that scrutiny, too, and in particular your children. … That spurred this terrifying thought: The More …

And Now, She’s Gone

I know the dust is still settling on the Palin resignation, and heaven knows there could be a million reasons behind it, but I think that Mark Steyn hits the nail on the head: In states far from the national spotlight, politics still attracts normal people. … Then suddenly you get the call from Washington. You know it’ll mean Secret More …

Why Are They So Mad at Sarah Palin?

Sure, she’s a relatively prominent public figure since being nominated for veep, but in terms of national politics, there are plenty of bigger fish to fry than Sarah Palin.  So why do liberals still devote so much time and energy to attacking her almost a year after her ticket lost the election?  The Campaign Spot has as good an explanation More …

Today in The Onion

Modern-Day Martin Luther Nails 95 Comment Cards To IHOP Door.