"I’ll buy you a mocha, then I’ll knee-cap you."

Everybody’s favorite crazy-as-an-outhouse-rat rock star Ted Nugent has a little fun with an idiot liberal interviewer:

Idiot Reporter: Well, let me ask you this though: You are obviously tuning up
the culture war, you are very aggressive about it, do you worry that
you’re contributing to that hate in any way, maybe even inadvertently?

Ted Nugent: The opposite. I almost come off like Rodney King
sometimes, except that I actually form syllables – you’ve gotta love
that. I think we should all just get along, I’m constantly begging…
But do I hate evil? Yes. Do I hate rapists? Yes? Do I hate people who
get up in the morning to intentionally destroy America? Yes. But in
order to get love, you must direct as much energy toward the evil as
you can so you can maximize the love. The love will only be maximized
based on the elimination of evil. So I am very effective at steering my
energy toward the elimination of evil to help either fix it or
eliminate it so love can flourish. See, peace and love, unto to

IR: Now you sound like a hippie.

TN: Peace and love will get you killed. That doesn’t sound like a
hippie. Good try, Martin. You’ve gotta tell me, I want the words, say
“Uncle Ted is the best interview I’ve ever done.” Say it.

IR: Uncle Ted is the best phone interview I’ve ever done.

TN: Well if I was there in person with my short shorts on then you’d say it.

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