How often do you see a news headline that makes you laugh out loud, in a good way?  (I know there’s plenty of reason for resigned, bitter laughter, but we can discuss the economy later.) Well, here’s one that did it for me: New Miss California: Marriage Is Between a Man and a Woman.

Tami Farrell, the newly crowned beauty queen who is replacing the ousted Carrie Prejean as Miss California, apparently holds the same view as her predecessor, Carrie Prejean, that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Baaaa-hahahaha!!  Now I’m imagining all the people who attacked Carrie Prejean squeezing cupcake out between the pudgy fingers of their clenched fists.  You know, guys, when they say that a majority of people are opposed to the idea of gay marriage, that means that it’s more common to find someone who shares that opinion than not.  Better luck next time.

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  1. That is just awesome!

    We moved about a year ago from the OC to New Mexico, and I LOVE living in flyover country! So much more reasonable, price-wise and people-wise, plus it looks like we escaped just in the nick of time.

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