Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown

I like pondering the imponderables, the great mysteries of the universe, just as much as the next guy. But however much of an intellectual I think I am, I look like a piker compared to the guys at Christian philosophy blog The Prosblogion. A sample: Consider two claims about God’s knowledge. For all p, if p, then God knows p. More …

Thoughts on Returning from a Mission Trip

I’m not a frequent mission tripper (and, overthinker that I am, I’ve got actual reasons why; maybe I’ll post on that in the near future). But I recently went on a five-day trip with my church to the deep, unexplored wilds of West Virginia.  Our goal was to help a WVa sister church promote their kids’ day camp by going More …

Digital TV Transition Chart

Courtesy of Gizmodo, here’s how to find out where you stand in the transition to digital TV:


How often do you see a news headline that makes you laugh out loud, in a good way?  (I know there’s plenty of reason for resigned, bitter laughter, but we can discuss the economy later.) Well, here’s one that did it for me: New Miss California: Marriage Is Between a Man and a Woman. Tami Farrell, the newly crowned beauty More …

"If Only we Had Done Nothing"

I’m glad the U.S. Mint still produces pennies, if only because they’re so handy for making economic illustrations:

"I’ll buy you a mocha, then I’ll knee-cap you."

Everybody’s favorite crazy-as-an-outhouse-rat rock star Ted Nugent has a little fun with an idiot liberal interviewer: Idiot Reporter: Well, let me ask you this though: You are obviously tuning upthe culture war, you are very aggressive about it, do you worry thatyou’re contributing to that hate in any way, maybe even inadvertently? Ted Nugent: The opposite. I almost come off More …

Breaking News: Journalists Terrified of Guns, Christians

ABC News covers a story about a pastor who’s planned a day to celebrate gun ownership by encouraging his congregation to bring their guns to church: Pastor Ken Pagano of New Bethel Church in Louisville, Ky., says that he organized an “Open Carry Celebration” to promote responsible gun ownership. “As a Christian pastor I believe that without a deep-seeded belief More …

Everybody Find Something Else to Panic About

Via Reason, University of Alabama at Huntsville climatologists John Christy and Roy Spencer report that global temperatures are still not changing in any significant way. As you can see from the graph below, both men are obviously liars and tools of corporate special interests.

"The Answers Lie in a Book You’ve Never Read…"

Andrew Klavan explains why conservatives are so mean, and why Barak Obama is like Xerxes from 300, minus the homoeroticism.