Darwinists: "See!? See!? We Told You!"

A cat-sized skeleton fossil is now purported to be the “missing link” between humans and early mammals on the evolutionary chain:

This is an exciting and validating day for scientists everywhere.
Broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough has said: “This
little creature is going to show us our connection with all the rest of
the mammals.”

“Validating”?  I thought this was settled science. It’s certainly been crammed down our throats for 50 years as if it was.  Why does it still need to be validated?  Hmmmm…?

1 thought on “Darwinists: "See!? See!? We Told You!"”

  1. Um, not to be rude or anything but anyone who knows anything about science knows that nothing is actually “settled.” Indeed, scientific discovery yields more questions than answers. This does not mean that science knows nothing. If we are to take the strict adherence to Judeo-Christian theology throughout the millenia we would have to insist that the Earth is the center not only of our solar system but of the universe and damned to those scientists who think otherwise. That was, if I recall correctly, the Church’s initial response to the idea.

    Similarly, considering that a “theory” is defined as “the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another” the “theory of evolution” is in fact the only working theory that takes all the data into account. Conversely, creationism takes a pre-supposed answer (based on what most if not all theologians today agree is not so much a revelation of facts from God but more or less an allegory with some moral component throw into it) and tries to cram all the data into that answer regardless of how poorly the square peg is adapted to a round hole.

    To make much ado about a word like “validates” is to miss the point entirely.


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