Want to See My New Chainsaw and Hockey Mask?!

National security hawks often say that the Democrats have forgotten about 9/11, but they just mean that as a figure of speech. Turns out that with this particular White House, it may be literally true:

77 Hudson

From the NY Post:

…the FAA (in conjunction with the White House Military Office) staged a “photo-op” featuring flights by an F-16 Falcon jet fighter and an Air Force One back-up plane over the Statue of Liberty, Lower Manhattan and parts of New Jersey.

But — inexplicably — the agency in sisted the event be kept secret.

So when the aircraft made several very low-altitude passes over the harbor — well, memories were triggered.

Memories of that morning seven-plus years ago when jets flying low over Manhattan were intent on mass murder.

Not surprisingly, yesterday’s exercise sparked panic.

Workers scrambled out of their office buildings, thinking the worst. Calls to emergency hotlines flooded in.

And the Times:

“People came pouring out of the buildings, the American Express Building, all the buildings in the financial district by the water,” said Edward Acker, a photographer who was at the building, 3 World Financial Center. “And even the construction guys over by 100 North End Avenue area, they all got out of their buildings. Nobody knew about it. Finally some guy showed up with a little megaphone to tell everyone it was a test, but the people were not happy. The people who were here 9/11 were not happy.”

No kidding. As with all things this reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons, when the family has gone into the witness protection program because of the impending and ever-present threat of terrorists Sideshow Bob:

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