The Wit and Wisdom of Ralph Wiggum

A collection of great lines from your favorite mildly retarded Simpsons character. “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

Arlen Specter: Mr. Popular

Over at The New Republic (“Liberals who can be reasoned with”), we find that Arlen Specter is about as popular with his new party as he was with his old one: But I think it’s pretty clear that Specter is an unprincipled hack. If his best odds of keeping his Senate seat lay in joining … Read more

Want to See My New Chainsaw and Hockey Mask?!

National security hawks often say that the Democrats have forgotten about 9/11, but they just mean that as a figure of speech. Turns out that with this particular White House, it may be literally true: From the NY Post: …the FAA (in conjunction with the White House Military Office) staged a “photo-op” featuring flights by … Read more

Visualizing $100 Million

Via NRO, here’s a really good look at what Obama’s proposed $100 million cut looks like in the context of the federal budget:

You’ve Still Got Some Fans Down Here, Ann

Ann Coulter writes about the passing of her mother, Nell. And, being Ann Coulter, she still manages to squeeze in a couple of zingers in the process: She was a direct descendant of at least a dozen patriots who served the cause of the American Revolution and traced her lineage on both sides of her … Read more

Incitement to John Galtism

A message to the rich: So let me now send a personal message to The Rich in America…   As an American and a patriot, I implore you – I go to my knees and beg you – LEAVE NOW.   Leave. Just go away. Retire to the Cayman Islands or Bermuda or wherever, but … Read more

This Is Why the Internet Was Created

Here we see rare footage of a bank bailout brainstorming session in the Treasury Department:


Hey, remember how we used to use Google back before the internet?  I sure do. Ah, if I just had a nickle for every one of those that I mailed in, with the query box filled out with “BOOBIES.”


In honor of April Fools Day, Amazon is offering William Shatner’s album The Transformed Man for 99 cents.  If you feel left out because no one played a prank on you today, there’s a good one you can play on yourself.