An Arab in Arab, Alabama

I continue to be amazed at how thoroughly our academic “elites” are ignorant of the real world.  A group of them recently went to the little burg of Arab, Alabama looking for anti-Arab prejudice (Ha! Get it?), and came away surprised:

I love the part where the girl says that she hopes no one gets violent.  That’s right, sweetheart, I may be enjoying a relaxing afternoon with my family, halfway through a chicken fried steak at our favorite diner, but the minute I see someone in a Muslim headdress, it’s ON!

Here’s a good follow-up comment from Chicago Boyz:

Woldt expected to find prejudice not because she had already seen it but because her education indoctrinated her to expect it in others. This little incident opens a window on the insular, elitist and bigoted world of leftists in contemporary academia.

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