Does Anybody Smell Something Burning Next Door?, Part III

Over on the Conversion Diary blog, Jen is doing her 7 Quick Takes for Friday. In among the lighthearted comments about her approaching due date and gingerbread people, there’s this, which sticks out like a gingerbread man who’s holding a gun to your head: Is anyone else seriously concerned about what’s going on in Mexico? Our families have a lot …

Putting Things in the Proper Perspective; a Continuing Series

ESPN reports that “Double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius was released from a hospital, where he had surgery following a boating accident.” Now let’s just sit back and marvel that we live in a time when the phrase “double-amputee sprinter” makes sense.

America’s Cool Black Friend

We can learn many things about life from watching TV. For instance, every apartment in Paris has a view of the Eiffel Tower, everyone in the world uses Apple computers, and all doctors and lawyers are incredibly good-looking and horny. Most cops too. TV also teaches us that every group of three or more people will always include at least …

Here’s Your Laugh for Today

For maximum effect, watch these in order. (via Gizmodo) First, the real and very funny clip of David after Dentist: Then the made up but equally funny response, Vader after Dentist:

An Arab in Arab, Alabama

I continue to be amazed at how thoroughly our academic “elites” are ignorant of the real world.  A group of them recently went to the little burg of Arab, Alabama looking for anti-Arab prejudice (Ha! Get it?), and came away surprised: I love the part where the girl says that she hopes no one gets violent.  That’s right, sweetheart, I …

"Tough guys deep fry chicken"

On the heels of NRO’s top 25 conservative movies of the last 25 years comes Big Hollywood with a list of the top five conservative moments in movies (clips included!).  There are some good ones in there, but I have to take issue with any conservative movie list that doesn’t include something from The Incredibles.

"I Demand Monstrous Profit!"

Via the Corner, here’s the modern economy in a nutshell from Calvin, one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, even though you now know him as just some kid who urinates on things.

We’ve Got a Theme Park Like That Here; It’s Called "Life"

In Spain, the Micropolix theme park provides a simulated real life experience in miniature–a rat race for the rug rats: Dubbed as a mini-metropolis, the theme park is designed to be like a smaller version of an actual city, where the children must earn money in order to pay for any activities they want to participate in during their visit. …

Does Anybody Smell Something Burning Next Door? Part II

Uh-oh, from Fox News: As drug cartels continue to terrorize Mexico, Texas officials are planning for the worst-case scenario: how to respond if the violence spills over the border, and what to do if thousands of Mexicans seek refuge in the United States. And here’s a quote we’re not going to be putting in the chamber of commerce brochure: “Worst-case …

What Do You Do if You’ve Got a Calculator and Too Much Time On Your Hands?

Well, after you get tired of turning it upside down and spelling words like “hell” and “boobies,” you calculate the construction cost of building the Death Star. Turns out it’s in the neighborhood of $15.6 septillion dollars, a number so big, I didn’t even know we had a word for it; a number equal to 1.4 trillion times the current …

Onion Headline Hits Too Close to Home

Weeklong Dishwasher Failure Forces Man To Drink Out Of Muffin Tray. Man, I know where that guy is coming from. How many more days til I get to be married?

What the G?

Gatorade’s capital “G” ad campaign was confusing to start with, and now to clarify, they’ve given us this: Not sure how to react to this. Is it funny and original to insert Kevin Garnett et al. into a Monty Python and the Holy Grail setup? Or are they besmirching a great movie (and sports beverage) with this lame-o pile? When …

I Got Your Tofu Right Here

Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu! A true clash of good vs. evil!