Note to American Voters: The Culture War Continues

Mark Steyn, as always, has his finger on the pulse of things:

Liberalism is the default mode of the culture – to the point where the
left-of-center position is so pervasive it’s no longer a position at
all, but rather something uncontentious, received wisdom, part of the
air we breathe.

And when he says “culture” there, he’s talking about popular culture; all the media and institutions that shape our perception of the world.  And of course he’s right.  Outside of the relatively few outlets that actively strive promote conservatism, try to find one movie, TV show, college classroom, concert, play, or magazine where conservative values are considered the norm.  Forget that; try to find one where conservative values aren’t considered evil.

Steyn also quotes Andrew Breitbart, ominously:

If conservatives don’t figure out popular culture soon, the movement will die a deserving death.

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