Charles Barkley’s Gubernatorial Prospects Grow Ever Dimmer is with a heavy heart that I report that Charles Barkley will probably never be governor of Alabama, thereby depriving us of what would have been the most entertaining governorship since Jesse Ventura traveled back in time to Tammany Hall (I think something like that happened once).

After his latest episode of jackassery, sports blog Deadspin is forced to ask the question, “Is Charles Barkley just an awful human being?

This has always been a fascinating aspect of Charles’ career, that no matter how much off-court trouble he caused, his ability to spout off honestly and admit to his own flaws somehow made him Teflon. But this is a man, who for all intents in purposes, has a pretty reprehensible history: alleged domestic abuse, legal problems, gambling problems, infidelity issues, drinking problems, and overall surliness that has, for the most part, been forgiven. By virtue of admitting he was “not a role model” for Nike has ultimately given him a lifetime pass to [mess] up people’s lives without consequence.

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