Jesus Was a Community Organizer, and a Hiker Too. And I Think He May Have Been a Stamp Collector.

One of my pet peeves, along with people who leave their shopping carts rolling around in the parking lot (The cart corral is right over there! Would it kill you to put your cart away, you bastards!?!), is people who try to use Jesus to make a political point.

Well, Obama supporters have reached a new high on my peeve-o-meter, by spreading the pro-Obama / anti-Palin meme: “Jesus was a community organizer, Pilate was a governor.”

This hunk of sophomoric t-shirt wit has been broken down by lots of folks (including Jim Treacher, who points out, “Hitler was a community organizer, FDR was a governor.” Ha!). But most of the criticism has been along the lines of a) This is more evidence of the Obama messiah complex b) The Pilate/Palin comparison doesn’t really work, considering her approval ratings are probably a lot higher than his ever were, or c) Isn’t this an insult to everyone who’s ever been a governor in the United States?

These are all good points, but no one has mentioned my biggest problem with this particular slander: To call Jesus a “community organizer” belittles Him in such a heinous way it’s difficult to find words to describe it.

As far as I can tell, a community organizer is someone who agitates people to bitch at elected officials and bureaucrats until they get some kind of handout. On the other hand, Jesus Christ was the living incarnation of Almighty God, who came to earth, took on the sins of all mankind, and offered Himself as a sacrifice so that we could have eternal life. I feel that someone who would compare the Son of God to a community organizer doesn’t fully grasp the whole Jesus story.

The ignorance of Obama campaign and its supporters continues to amaze me. But maybe that’s why they consider Obama a messiah figure, because they think that a smooth-talking agitator is all a messiah is supposed to be. It’s way bigger than that, fellas. I encourage you to look into it sometime.

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