I Pledge Allegiance to My Crack Baby

The Obama campaign is going to have a tough time with the whole “patriotism” thing if this is the best they can do: Tom Maguire reviews a tortured defense from Larisa Alexrandnova, whom I’ve never heard of before but who is apparently incapable of understanding anything more complex than her own name:

The dividing line is well marked, yet forewarned is not fore-armed; Ms. Alexrandnova tries to explain her love of country:

A mother of a heroin addict, for example, is critical of her child’s drug abuse and wants it to stop. The mother wants only the best for her child. Does the mother’s criticism of the child’s actions in any way illustrate that she does not love her child? On the contrary, it is because the mother loves her child and is devoted to her child that she wants her child to be better, greater than he/she is.

Oh, beautiful – maybe Obama can work that into his next speech – “I love America the way a mother loves her crack-addicted child. And when America stumbles out of rehab on January 20, 2009, a beautiful new day will dawn!” OK, maybe not.

Consider this exhibit #392 in my continuing series, “Why a Weak Candidate Like McCain is Still Going to Win Big.” The fact that Obama needs people to defend his patriotism, and the fact that his defenders are so easily smacked around, demonstrates what a weakness this is. Hard as it may be to believe, most Americans like America; they think it is fundamentally good. And stuff like this make it blindingly obvious that Obama and his supporters don’t agree.

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