Not Much of a Cheese Shop, Is It?

Hey, we were getting ready to knock a big dent in that energy problem by building a big, honkin’ solar energy complex out in the desert. That’s the kind of thing that’ll make everybody happy, right? Reduce dependence on foreign sources of energy, shrink carbon emissions, and all that rot? Well, no. The US government … Read more

Troy McClure Film or Actual Terrible Movie?

A quiz for Simpsons fans: Can you tell the difference between real-life terrible movies and selections from the oeuvre of Springfield’s favorite C-list actor? Real-life movies can be pretty terrible; I got 67%.

We Are Ruled by the Whims of Judges

It’s becoming more and more clear every day that the law isn’t what’s written on the page, it’s whatever the judiciary feels like making it. The Kennedy v. Louisiana decision–where the Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment for child rapists (and bear in mind that at the time the … Read more

My Prayer Today

Dear Lord, please don’t make me have to listen to another three months of Don Imus coverage.

Tiger Woods to Have Season-Ending Knee Surgery, Is Still 2-to-1 Favorite to Win British Open

Tiger Woods’ season is over, and we’re only now finding out about the extent of the injuries he played with at the U.S. Open. Woods revealed Wednesday he has been playing for at least 10 months with a torn ligament in his left knee, and that he suffered a double stress fracture in his left … Read more

Obama’s Resume (A Very Short Post)

So, what exactly did Barack Obama do before he decided to get into the messiah business full-time? Protein Wisdom has the skinny: Though Obama served in the Illinois Senate for seven years, he built his entire legislative record in Illinois in a single year, when Illinois Senate Majority Leader Emil Jones appointed Obama sponsor of … Read more

From the Department of Verifying Stuff You Already Kind of Knew

People with lots of bumper stickers are more prone to road rage.

Here’s Your Leisure Reading for the Day

On National Review Online Jim Manzi takes down a Scientific American article on the ethics of climate change. Warning, it’s a pretty long-haired piece of writing, but it’s the kind of thing we should bone up on if we’re going to fight off the socialists who are thinly disguised as compassionate tree huggers.

Endorsed by Lazy Speechwriters Everywhere

Interested in running for president? You don’t need experience or ideas or even clearly stated policies. All you need is the Barack Obama Quote Generator.

All My Money Is Tied Up in Almagamated Burquas

Well, here’s something that concerns me a little bit: a story from the mainstream financial press that points up benefits of Islamic investing: More investors should learn from Islamic investment principles, which have quietly and responsibly guided two mutual funds to dramatic investment returns. Islamic investment principles are guiding the Amana funds to impressive long-term … Read more

Are They Still Going to Ask All Those Embarassing Questions When I Give Blood?

A report from the World Health Organization says that the threat of an AIDS epidemic is no longer a problem, and moreover, never was: In the first official admission that the universal prevention strategy promoted by the major Aids organisations may have been misdirected, Kevin de Cock [tee hee! -j], the head of the WHO’s … Read more

Welcome Readers!

Hey to everyone who’s visiting from today. And for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about (“Is it a web site about the Pope’s medical exams?”), has graciously published a compilation of do’s and don’ts for talking to atheists that was compiled by Jen and me based on our Approaching … Read more

And You’re Surprised By This?

I’m a pretty conservative guy, as you can probably tell from, oh, everything that’s written in this blog. But I appreciate the fact that there are some eminently reasonable people who like to consider themselves liberal, or “progressive,” or whatever the euphemism du jour is. Why, there’s a whole bunch of them over at The … Read more

Orwellianism Up North

The rights to free speech and free expression in Canada are coming apart faster than a cheese frisbee. The travails of Mark Steyn have been news in the blogosphere for some time (if you don’t know, long story short, he wrote some things, the truth of which are undisputed, that the Canadian Muslim community didn’t … Read more

Classics in Lego

Somebody with a lot of Legos and even more spare time recreates classic photographs in Lego, including: Raising the flag on Iwo Jima: Rugby streaker: And, disturbingly, Vietnamese execution: Ahh, everything just seems nicer in Lego, doesn’t it?


Instapundit: I can think of no better reason to vote against Obama than the prospect of an administration where any criticism of the President is treated as racism. But hey, what are the odds that will happen? The guy’s a uniter, right?

Bubble Gum and Imprisonment Not Included

On eBay (bidding closed), one slightly modified Fidel Castro baseball card.

Dear Richard Dawkins, Hah!

You’ is a web site that will let you send a final email message to up to 62 of your heathen friends six days after the rapture. Don’t be one of those people who can’t enjoy heaven because they’re worried about their email! Get peace of mind for just $40 a year! From their web … Read more


This interactive map can show you if your congressional delegation is giving you your money’s worth in federally funded beaver habitats and tea cozy museums. John McCain, whom I’m looking for reasons to like, can at least say the Arizona is 50th in per capita earmark money. My own Alabama, meanwhile, comes in at 14th … Read more

Weirdest Concert Bill Ever

James Brown and Pavarotti: And if you look fast, you’ll notice that they’re preceded on stage by Grace Jones. What the heck? I’m at a loss for words, but if they sold tshirts at that show, I want one.