The Picador Project

Now this is what I call political activism: The Picador Project:

The Picador Project was started in order to combat what many of us see as a root problem underlying the pernicious rise of the nanny-state mentality in our society. Namely, that too many people believe they are entitled to gifts from the government, coupled with a government all too willing to hand those gifts over in return for a few basic human freedoms and a monopoly on “truth.” This sort of trouble being a perennial consequence of basic human nature, utopian schemes of running off and starting over are never the ultimate solution. Thus, if we want to preserve our way of life, we have to face these troubles here at home and conquer them.

…let’s start by going to city council or school board meetings. We can study up on local issues, identify the graft and entitlements, and oppose them. Raise your doubts about the pedagogical value of reflective essays about the color of the number 12, if you have them. We can back candidates for local office in line with our views, or enlist some if there aren’t any.

Each of us pushes a little bit. We coordinate our efforts through the interwebs. If I need a good argument against some new tax, I ask for help and someone supplies it. If you need a flyer to hand out at a school explaining the Bill of Rights, I knock one together. All volunteer, no “organization” that can start to act to preserve its existence at the expense of its goals. No money, no slush fund. Only common cause and pooled resources. We win our towns back, then our counties

Basically, this is a call to get involved in politics for people who normally don’t care to get involved in politics.

Because most Americans would rather live their lives than bother themselves with the day-to-day grotesqueries of politics, the political obsessives, freaks, and rent-seekers win by default. To counter that, people who have better things to do have to meet them in the trenches.

I like the idea. May their efforts be blessed.

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