Military Accidentally Sends Missile Parts to Country That Has No Use for Them, as Far as You Know

The U.S. “accidentally” sent some missile fuses to Taiwan:

The equipment was electrical fuses for intercontinental ballistic missiles, and the revelation has triggered an investigation of the security of U.S. weapons and raised concerns over U.S.-China relations.

That’s right, China. It was totally an accident, and if other missile parts, like warheads for example, happen to end up in Taiwan, that’ll be an accident too. Golly, with all these weapons we’ve got, you just never know what’s going to end up where! Ha ha!

When officials in the Pentagon learned of the shipment last week, it took only a matter of days before the four fuses were returned to the U.S., but defense officials had to inform President Bush and the Chinese of the error.

That’s right, China. Take note that the parts were returned–after several months, that is. They didn’t just throw a bunch of toasters into a box marked “Missle Parts” and send that back to Washington. It was the actual missile parts. Really.

China vehemently opposes U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. Four of the cone-shaped fuses were shipped to Taiwanese officials in fall 2006 instead of the ordered batteries.

In a comment directed at the Chinese concerns, [DoD official Ryan] Henry said the error does not suggest that U.S. policies on arms sales to Taiwan have changed.

Oh, heavens no. China, you can take our word that we’re totally serious about not sending weapons to Taiwan, except when we do it accidentally. Got it, you murderous commie thug bastards? Count on us to keep weapons out of the hands of countries that you want to invade and occupy, usually. But, just to be on the safe side, stay away from Taiwan, mmkay?

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