A Tale of Two Predictions

I, though cosmically terrible at predictions, have previously made indulged in making them about the two people most likely involved in the presidential race this year:

1) John McCain will never, ever, ever be president of the United States.

2) Barak Obama will get demolished in the presidential election.

If these guys run against each other, one of those is going to be wrong. How then do I reconcile these two predictions?

Well, golly; I guess I don’t. When I made the prediction about McCain, little did I know that a) in the primaries he would be facing the weakest Republican field that I can remember, and b) in the general election he would be facing the weakest Democratic candidate perhaps of all time, whether it’s the empty suit with no middle name or Hillary “being married to a powerful man counts as ‘experience'” Clinton.

So, circumstances are forcing me to renege on the McCain prediction, but I’m sticking with my call on Obama: if he’s the nominee, he’s going to get hammered, even if he’s running against John McCain.

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