You’ll Never Go Broke Underestimating the Clintons

Larry Kudlow sums up the night’s primary results on The Corner:

Hillary’s electability is over.

Obama got to the far Left faster than she did. He out organized her in the precincts. He out fundraised her. He out speechified her. He out-hustled her. He out-dressed her. He out-presidentialed her. He outdid her and he outbid her for votes, one promised government check at a time.

As of tonight, the market has officially pulled the plug, terminating her campaign. The only thing left for her is to muster some grace, humility and character to begin the process of pulling out. To do otherwise will destroy the Democratic party and what’s left of the Clintons’ badly tarred and tattered reputation.

Don’t go expecting any humility or grace from the Clintons; you’ll only be disappointed. When have they ever valued the Democratic party or anything else over their own acquisition of power? But one thing Kudlow does get dead right: “The real winner tonight? That chap from Arizona. Captain John McCain.”

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