What’s So Great About Romney?

The Anchoress asks a legitimate question: What are the merits of Mitt Romney?

McCain is not my first or second choice, and there are some legitimate concerns about his temperament and his manner, but he also has some strengths and I am tired of opening my email to hysterics suggesting that America will end if McCain gets the nomination. I’m tired of turning on talk radio and hearing – nonstop, day after day – lecturing about what a terrible man McCain is, and why I should not vote for him.

It is significant to me that no one is telling me why I SHOULD vote for Romney. No one is telling me how great he is, and giving me a reason to want to vote for him. They’re just telling me “McCain is bad!”

So, I’m asking:

How is Romney “good?” Why should I vote for him?

I agree completely, and this is the reason there hasn’t been a groundswell of support for Romney, even among the most conservative of the conservative base.

You’ve got to give people a reason to vote for somebody. This “vote for our guy because the other guy is bad” line is disturbingly similar to the Republican’s strategy in the Clinton vs. Dole election of ’96. And perhaps you remember how that turned out. If that’s the best the pro-Romney forces can manage in the primaries, why expect them to do any better in the general election?

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  1. Exactly.
    And that’s the ONLY thing McCain or any of the other nominees left since Fred Thompson dropped out has to offer… “Republican, now with 10% less Stupid and Evil than the opposition!”

    I’m writing in Fred Thompson, just to keep my conscience clean ( I will NOT give my vote to the “lesser” Devil and call it Christian) and focus my attention on the Republican candidates for Congress.


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