Super Duper Twofer Snooper Lulu BooBoo Tuesday

It has begun in earnest here in Super Tuesday state Alabama. It’s a three way race between eHarmony,, and the presidential candidates to see who can most effectively saturate the airwaves with ads.

The one that I’m seeing the most is from John McCain, where he tells the story of a fellow POW named Mike Christian who sewed an American flag inside his prison shirt. McCain tells of how every day the POW’s would say the pledge to Mike’s flag, and how Mike replaced it even after it was confiscated and he was beaten for having it. Here’s McCain telling the story at a campaign stop:

How do you compete against that? Especially in redder-than-red-state Alabama? “Hi, I’m Mitt Romney, pretty-boy former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts. Vote for me instead of the war hero!” Good luck with that, Mitt.

This is why the Democratic Party wanted John Kerry in 2004; they thought his biography would be unbeatable. Fortunately, he was such a jackass that it canceled out his war stories. How about McCain? We’ll see.

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