One Thing that Isn’t Unavoidable: Anglicanism

The Brits at their Best blog comments on the recent statement by idiot Archbishop Rowan Williams that it was “unavoidable” that Muslim sharia law would be adopted in Great Britain.

Common law has its roots in Celtic, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon laws, but it rose to its grandeur as the protector of the innocent and the righter of wrongs from its source among Christians, who fought for the rights of every person under the law. It took years to establish that common law was free of the Church, but it was never merely secular though it has a genius for dealing with secular concerns.

British Christians were an intensely practical people. Common law worked. It sorted out property disputes as well as civil rights. It was created to protect individuals, and it contributes to the prosperity of Britain, Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Perhaps the Anglican Church will take a refresher course in its own Christian history.

Update: Iowahawk breaks out the Olde English for a Canterbury Tales-inspired tribute to the good bishop. Question: When the people who are mocking you are producing sharper material than you ever have, isn’t it time to question how well-suited you are for your position?

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