Before Going to Bed, Some Thoughts on Super Duper Schmoopie Koozie Tuesday

— Romney is done. D-U-N, done. He may complain about some collusion between McCain and Huckabee, but the fact is he’s a weak candidate who’s singular skill is his ability to generate absolutely no traction in spite of the infusion of tens of millions of dollars in advertising. With that kind of money, Pat Paulsen could have won.

— Fox News has got to lose the constantly moving camera. It’s distracting, and Michael Barone looks like he wants to leap forward to help steady the cameraman. And where do they keep coming up with those unbelievably hot news babes? They’re coming out of the woodwork over there.

— I remember the exact moment — 9:49pm central time — when I reached the point of wanting to punch Mike Huckabee in the face. You little weasel, just admit you’re running for the vice presidency and see if you can get Lindsey Graham to move over to make room for your lips on McCain’s behind.

— Something’s not right about McCain’s wife. She seems a handsome woman, but she just looks like she’s been pulled really taught. She needs her doctor to wind her down a couple of cranks next time.

— I’m glad to see Obama doing so well and hope the rest of the Democratic primaries are truly grueling, vicious, and brutal. It will be my only entertainment.

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