And Now, a Moment with Mo

Maurice Cheeks got a one year extension on his contract to coach the Philadelphia 76ers, and I’m glad to hear it. I can’t provide educated commentary on his skills as a coach, but I think he should have a permanent job in the NBA just because of this, one of the greatest moments in national anthem singing history:

Now you’ll have to excuse me; I have something in my eye.

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  1. Anonymous

    I had never seen that before. That was totally awesome! (And I don’t use exclamation points superfluously.)

    I was one of the ones in the early 1980’s (not that there were great numbers nationwide, but certainly a large contingent within NBA-follower circles) who wanted to see Julius “Dr. J” Erving get his “ring” before he retired.

    His class, excellence, and respect for those around him, including the fans, made him a sentimental favorite, not to mention all his “Oh my gosh,” moments he gave us on a regular basis via his incredible play.

    Unfortunately, his team, the 76ers, got really good at the same time Magic and Larry came along, so winning championships from the Sixers place in the Eastern Conference would mean having to get past both Boston and L.A.

    And then came the 1982-83 Sixers, complete with newly acquired Moses Malone, whose prediction of sweeping three straight best of seven series (“Fo, fo’, fo'”) was only off by one game.

    The starting point guard on this team was Maurice Cheeks, who never got nearly the attention that some of his team members did, but always showed up and did all that was required of him so that the stars could do their thing – making the right pass or knocking down the open jumper when they double-teamed Moses or Doc. (Also, he never said stuff like, “I mean … we talking ‘bout practice.”)

    To me, then, this you tube video was refreshing on several levels – the compassion, the patriotism, and the fact that it was Maurice Cheeks just being Maurice Cheeks.

    Thanks, Cynical Christian.


    just a humble gov’t teacher

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