Can Christians Kill? [The Best of jaceonline]

Author’s note: I used to blog at, and in an effort to introduce myself to new readers and hopefully wring a little more entertainment value out of those old posts, I’m going to be dipping into the old site and re-posting some of my favorite entries. Hey, if Leo Sayer can have a “best … Read more

You’ll Take My Incandescent Bulbs When You Pry Them from My Cold, Dead Hands

The Volokh Conspiracy relays a story about the proper procedure for cleaning up a broken compact fluorescent light bulb: If a bulb breaks, get children and pets out of the room. Ventilate the room. Never use a vacuum — even on a rug — to clean up a compact fluorescent light. Instead, while wearing rubber … Read more

We Blowed It Up Together

Via Gizmodo, a three-year-old summarizes Star Wars. In an upcoming video, this same girl will point out all the things that are wrong with Episode I.

This Is Just Begging to Be the Next Michael Bay Movie

Fascinating article in Wired about deep sea, big ship salvage artists. High risk, high reward.

Hail! Hail! Thomas Sowell!

NRO interviews the invaluable Thomas Sowell about his new book, Economic Facts and Fallacies. It’s only a five minute interview, but five minutes of Thomas Sowell is worth about a semester at your typical liberal arts institution.

How the Democrats Get Exactly What They Want

Victor Davis Hanson asks the question, “How did the we end up with Barak Obama as the (presumptive) Democratic nominee?” One wonders how the United States has come to the brink of nominating and probably electing someone with almost no experience as either an executive or national legislator, replete with ratings and rankings that suggest … Read more

I Knew a Girl Named Nikki… And Long Story Short, Later On I Had to Replace My Hip

According to News of the World, Prince is going to need hip replacement surgery after being “crippled by years of sexy dancing.” During the two-hour op—more common for OAPs [Old Age Pensioners]—the Purple Rain singer will have the ball and socket of his damaged hip taken out and titanium replacements cemented in. News of the … Read more

That’s No Longer Entertainment

Once again, it’s Oscar time, and making a big splash this awards season are a bunch of movies I’ve never seen or heard of made by people I don’t care anything about. I don’t think I’m alone in my indifference to the motion picture industry, and there’s no better evidence of that than this story … Read more

Trouble in Paradise

Andy McCarthy sums up the feelings of many conservatives regarding McCain’s tiff with the Times: McCain expects better from the Times because he’s accustomed to getting it, and he’s accustomed to getting it because he’s been very good about holding up his end of the bargain — especially when it comes to demagoguing the Right. … Read more

Take That, Satellite!

Via Gizmodo, here’s the debriefing of that spy satellite getting shot down. It’s cool, but not exciting. Which is how real-life science fictiony stuff usually is. Does anybody really believe that we went through all this trouble because we were afraid that some of the satellite fuel might survive re-entry and possibly harm the environment? … Read more

And Now, a Moment with Mo

Maurice Cheeks got a one year extension on his contract to coach the Philadelphia 76ers, and I’m glad to hear it. I can’t provide educated commentary on his skills as a coach, but I think he should have a permanent job in the NBA just because of this, one of the greatest moments in national … Read more

You’ll Never Go Broke Underestimating the Clintons

Larry Kudlow sums up the night’s primary results on The Corner: Hillary’s electability is over. Obama got to the far Left faster than she did. He out organized her in the precincts. He out fundraised her. He out speechified her. He out-hustled her. He out-dressed her. He out-presidentialed her. He outdid her and he outbid … Read more

Liberal Institution Decries Other Liberal Institution

Wonder of wonders, The New York Times says that maybe, just maybe, PBS has outlived its usefulness: Forty years ago it really was different. There were only three networks, and none of them were known for challenging or high-minded programming. Indeed, public broadcasting came into being out of collective despair over what had become of … Read more

Prepare for the Coming Invasion of Nerf Zombies

Luckily, I’m immature enough that I’m not embarrassed to buy toys for myself, because now we have this: the fully-automatic, belt-fed(!), Nerf machine gun. Via Gizmodo, which I’ve got to stop reading before I spend myself poor.

The New York Times: All the News That Fits Our Template

The New York Times continues their remarkably consistent run of idiocy. In an article on presidential charisma, they mention what a great job LBJ did in getting all the Southern Republicans to go along with him on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Now, if you’re like me, you read that line and immediately thought, “Southern … Read more

More Taxes for Thee…

Megan McArdle hits the nail on the head (partially, if you can hit a nail partially on the head) in reference to people who think taxes should be raised: What most of us are really in favor of is higher taxes on other people. If we wanted higher taxes on ourselves, we’d give the money … Read more

Saturday Conversation with My Spiritual Advisor

Here’s an interesting (I thought) excerpt from my chat with my spiritual advisor yesterday: Me: How come “healing the sick” was one of the major themes of Jesus’ miracles? He was just as capable of performing any other kind of miracle. What’s significant about that action? Why didn’t He go around making poor people rich, … Read more

Indiana Jones and The Big Tub of Epsom Salts

I, like many, was skeptical when I heard that the now 65-year-old Harrison Ford was going to be donning the fedora for a fourth Indiana Jones movie. But I have to say, I do get a little tingly when I hear the theme music rise in this trailer. Here’s hoping that the editors don’t have … Read more

Whither the Self-Righteous [The Best of jaceonline]

Author’s note: I used to blog at, and in an effort to introduce myself to new readers and hopefully wring a little more entertainment value out of those old posts, I’m going to be dipping into the old site and re-posting some of my favorite entries. Hey, if Leo Sayer can have a “best … Read more

Taking Odds on McCain’s Veeps

Right Wing News kicks around some names that might be on the short list for John McCain’s running mate. It’s an interesting list, full of people who I never would have considered, but when I look at them I say, “Hmmm…” Since I’m into making predictions (even though I suck at it; just wait til … Read more