Welcom to the Party, Pal

Are the Democrats finally (finally!) starting to figure out that the Clintons are scumbags? Ed Morrissey thinks maybe so:

This does show that the Clintons have started becoming a liability among the elites. That could drive better coverage of their deceptions and smears from the media and expose them in a way that never happened during their years in power. It might force the Democrats to come to terms with the gutter politics they’ve cheered from this crowd and finally put an end to the Clinton machine.

It might bring an end to the Clinton machine–and lordy, I hope it does–but I think that the Clinton Way has damaged the Democratic Party and American politics to such a degree that it’s going to take a long time to recover.

The main tenant of Clintonism is to do whatever it takes to win, without regard for honesty or integrity or even consistancy (see “the first black president” as he race baits Barak Obama again and again). The problem is that it worked; Bill Clinton proved that it worked for him on the biggest possible stage, over and over again. Political types, both candidates and their supporters, are going to be loathe to reject anything that has brought so much success so recently. The only way to get past Clintonism is to beat it, badly and repeatedly.

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