Over on the “Et Tu?” blog, Jen made a post about a month ago that I wanted to address (I know, I know; I’m a procrastinator; I’m working on it). The post was titled “Why I’m a better person now that I’m a Christian.” Here’s some of her explanation: …when I heard people say things … Read more

Tag, I’m It

I’ve been tagged with a meme, but don’t worry; I have access to the finest doctors money can buy. Seriously, though, Jen at Et Tu? has tagged me with a book meme. She doesn’t think I’ll respond, but I’m so touched by being tagged (Ha!) that I don’t see how I couldn’t. Here’s what I’m … Read more

Things I Can’t Believe No One Is Talking About

I try to follow the news pretty closely, but this presidential campaign has got a couple of glaring issues that I haven’t heard anybody talking about, and I don’t know why. 1) Barack Obama’s name. Isn’t this a crippling disadvantage for him? In this day and age, in the midst of a global war against … Read more